Golden Blonde Extensions


Why you’ll love our hair extensions

  • Neat, secure sewn wefts
  • Weight: 160 grams, for thin/medium hair
  • High quality, 100% REMY hair
  • Silicone sealed clips for easy-to-use installation
  • We don’t recommend dying the hair
  • No damage to your own hair

Full Description

Golden Blonde Hair Extension

A true and natural shade that will stand by you, no matter the warmth of the light or shade of day. An edge off of brown and one to make you feel a-plentiful lighter. This colour is versatile and forgiving to whatever wild-style choices you make from your make-up to your closet.

About our Hair Extensions

  • All our extensions are made from 100% human hair, and are high quality extensions.
  • Each set is 7-pieces, 20″ in length (50cm) and 160 grams for thin/medium hair.
  • Since our extensions are made from real human hair, they can be styled and straightened as you would to your natural hair, but proper hair care should be followed.
  • Our clips are silicone sealed, protecting your natural hair and making these extensions easy to use.

*Does not include HER HAIR hanger

*All hair pieces come in straight hair and have been curled in the images

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