How to clip in ponytail

The HER HAIR ponytail extension is one of the easiest looks you can create if you are a complete beginner and want to look amazing in a matter of minutes! It’s super easy to clip in on your own and once you have a little practice, it will become your favourite go-to look.

Below you’ll find a step by step video on how to clip in your ponytail extension.

OR scroll down and read the written step by step guide on how to clip in your ponytail extension.

Step 1: Tie your own hair into a ponytail

First things first. Brush out your own hair to get rid of any tangles. We recommending straightening your natural hair (if you have any waves/curls) using a hair iron so that you can hide your natural hair behind the clip in ponytail.

This is the most important part of the process as you want your ponytail to be secure and taut. If you have a strong, taut ponytail, your HER HAIR clip in piece will be secure, too! Position your ponytail to your desired height. We recommend using a strong elastic/ponytail and avoid using any hair tie that is flimsy and would fall out easily.

Step 2: Attach ponytail

Once you have your natural hair secured into a ponytail, slide the comb underneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Wrap the Velcro base around your own ponytail until it’s tightly overlapped and secure. Don’t be scared- use some muscle and pull it tight.

Step 3: Wrap the base of the ponytail

Wrap the hair strand around the base of the ponytail to hide the band.

Step 4: Secure using a bobby pin

Use your bobby pins to secure in place. Give your head a wiggle from side to side to see if it is secure.

Voila! Your ponytail transformation is complete. Your hair officially grew a few centimeters overnight. Enjoy it and don’t be afraid to flick that hair back and forth!

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