7 Ways to Use Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions are the easiest and fastest way to get celebrity status without damaging your hair. As these are REMY human hair extensions, they are considered to be the best quality hair extensions, looking and feeling completely natural.

What can you do with your clip in extensions? Other than volume and length, there are so many more uses for hair extensions that make the investment well worth it.

  1. Adding fullness to your ponytail, messy or sleek bun

Is there anything worse than a thin, limp ponytail? If you’re looking to add extra volume and body to your ponytail, clip in extensions are exactly what you need! A longer, thicker ponytail is always a winner. If messy/sleek buns are more your thing, simply twist your new, thicker ponytail around itself and secure it with some bobby pins.

  1. Combining clip in extensions AND the clip in ponytail extension

One of our favourite looks- combining the clip in extension set and the clip in ponytail extension in one hairstyle. It creates that WOW factor you’re looking for and might just turn a few heads. Simply tie a ponytail on the top section of the head. Place your wefts carefully on the lower part of the head ensuring that the last weft is covered by the last layer of hair. Then, attach your clip in ponytail on the ponytail at the top of the head and wrap the hair around the ponytail. Voila!

  1. Adding Volume

This is for the thinned haired beauties. Our clip in extensions add volume and dimension to your hair, making all your hair dreams come true! Simply clip in the extensions for fuller looking hair.

  1. Creating longer and thicker braids

Hello to thick, long and fluffy braids! Hair extensions are the perfect solution to transform a thin, short braid into a long braid with large volume. Simply clip your extensions in throughout your head before braiding and then braid away! Clip in hair extension are exactly what you need to create beautiful, FULL braids. We’re here for it!

  1. Adding highlights and colour

Sometimes experimenting with colour can be a daunting experience. You’re not sure if you want to commit to a colour that may possibly damage your hair in the process. Hair extensions are the perfect answer and can add a pop of colour to the hair. Ombre? Balayage? You’re able to change the colour of your hair without taking a trip to the salon! It only takes a few wefts and a few minutes to change your look.

  1. Accessorize

Get creative and play around with different looks. We love everything pretty! And sometimes a cute little bow or scrunchie is the perfect addition to your clip in extensions.

Or try this- finish off your ponytail, use a 1-clip weft, clip it underneath your ponytail and then neatly wrap the hair around the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin. The options are endless!

  1. Adding Length

This is one of the most popular reasons for choosing hair extensions. Do you wish you had long hair after having cut your hair? You might feel that your hair is not growing past a certain length anymore. It could be post-partum hair loss, genetics or any other reason. We understand the struggle! Clip in extensions are the quickest solutions to help you achieve the hair of your dreams. They can be clipped in at home in just a matter of minutes and they can be styled as you would to your natural hair. Straight? Curly? Wavy? Absolutely!

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